Are food supplements an alternative to medication?

Food supplements are “foodstuffs” sold in the form of capsules, capsules or other forms. They may contain essential nutrients for the body or medicinal plants. Consumers often use them to treat a dietary deficiency or fairly transitory illnesses (fatigue, diet,…

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How to Protect Yourself from Infection as Winter Approaches

During the winter months, as the temperature drops, our immune system weakens. This causes our body to become more vulnerable to infection. In addition, a variety of illnesses, depending on the cold weather, also increase considerably. Therefore, you need to…

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What are the signs of a burn-out and how to cope?

If constant stress makes you feel helpless, disillusioned and very exhausted, it is quite likely that you are suffering from burnout. This article will help you recognize the signs of burnout and what you can do about it. Burn-out: a…

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