If constant stress makes you feel helpless, disillusioned and very exhausted, it is quite likely that you are suffering from burnout. This article will help you recognize the signs of burnout and what you can do about it.

Burn-out: a situation that can happen at any time

The symptoms of burn-out are a state of emotional, mental and physical fatigue due to excessive and prolonged stress. This is the case when you feel exhausted; overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress persists, you tend to lose interest and motivation to perform your daily role. This state reduces productivity and your energy, leaving you increasingly helpless, desperate, cynical and resentful. Eventually, you may feel like you have nothing left to give. The harmful effects of burnout affect all aspects of life, even what happens in your home, work and social life. In addition, there can be long-term changes that make you vulnerable to infections such as the flu or colds.

Burn-out: Signs to recognize as early as possible

Most people feel helpless at some point. If these signs persist for several weeks or even months, they are probably symptoms of burnout. It's a gradual process that doesn't happen overnight, but can quickly overwhelm you. At first, the signs seem subtle, but things get serious after a while. Think of these early symptoms as a warning signal that you need to do something. If you pay attention and actively reduce your stress, the situation is unlikely to get worse.

Steps to get out of burnout

To eliminate the symptoms of burn-out requires daily efforts. This condition will worsen unless you resolve the underlying problems that cause it. Recovery from burnout is a slow journey: you need time and space to recover, so don't rush into this process. You must first identify the reasons why. In some situations, this will be obvious. Other times, it will take time and introspection to discover it. It sounds like an old cliché, but sleep, exercise and good nutrition can do wonders for your mood and stress level. On the other hand, it will often be necessary to restructure your work habits. Socializing with friends is also considered a good antidote after a hard day's work, but if you don't feel like it, you may be able to spend your free time reading a good book or cooking.