A detox cure is necessary to eliminate the overloaded toxins that the body has accumulated on a daily basis. These toxins can come from waste products resulting from the metabolism of what we eat and drink. They can also come from medications we have taken, pesticides, or chemicals we have inhaled from the air. They normally have to be eliminated naturally by the liver's detoxification system through the stool and urine. However, in some cases, the body is unable to eliminate everything and needs help to recover.

When is a detox treatment necessary?

Firstly, the body needs help following repeated overeating, during the holidays or at successive parties. Secondly, smokers also absorb too many toxins, which can be eliminated with detox foods. Thirdly, medicines contain a large quantity of chemicals, which are difficult to eliminate, especially with prolonged treatments. This applies to treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, or anything that can cause psychological shock. In fact, the great moments of stress cause an increased production of free radicals which are very oxidative. Finally, fat is composed of toxins, and following a strict diet, these are propagated in the blood.

Detox foods that stimulate the organs

The body's natural detoxification system works through the liver, which must be cleansed two to three times a year. The best detox foods for this are turmeric, artichoke, vegetable broth or black radish. Either they stimulate the production of bile to digest fatty meals, or they neutralize the excess acidity ingested. It is also necessary to stimulate the kidney so that it evacuates toxins more easily, lemon is very effective. Diuretic foods such as birch juice, leek or asparagus are added to this. It is necessary to facilitate the transit by balancing the intestinal flora thanks to the bifidus of fermented milks, or the fibre of bananas.

Detox foods that bring health

It is important to purify the blood and the most effective detox foods for this are apple and garlic. It is necessary to eat foods that help you to lose weight over the long term such as broccoli, pineapple or grapefruit. They play their role of detoxification, while gently fighting the fat embedded in the body. In addition, they contain all kinds of vitamins that help the body to recover more quickly, in a natural way. In a detox cure, you should not forget to remove oxidative elements to prevent cancer, among other things. To do this, we must include foods with a high level of antioxidants such as broccoli, raspberry or lemon.